Tumbling asteroid 2017 WJ16

On the only clear night in November, on November 25th/26th we have decided to observe 2017 WJ16 asteroid. It has been discovered some years ago (yes, you guess correctly – in 2017), but there were not enough observations to deliver precise physical informations. From the mean brightness astronomers estimated its diameter for 40-80 m across. … Read more

TMG0023: fastmover from NEOCP

Asteroid TMG0023 was discovered in Tokyo yesterday at 19:58:18 UTC having 16.8 mag. Then it was observed by few observatories in Japan, East and Central Europe during next 6 hours. The last European observations were made in Lusowko Platanus Observatory. Fast movers require short exposures, so 810 images with 1 sec exp were collected and … Read more