Bright fireball on January 29th, 2021

At the turn of January and February, we participated in the study of the phenomenon of a bright meteor (fireball) passing over the area of Central Europe. This undertaking, carried on by scientists from the Czech Republic (Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences) and supported by Polish Astronomical Observatory Institute at Adam Mickiewicz … Read more

Tumbling asteroid 2017 WJ16

On the only clear night in November, on November 25th/26th we have decided to observe 2017 WJ16 asteroid. It has been discovered some years ago (yes, you guess correctly – in 2017), but there were not enough observations to deliver precise physical informations. From the mean brightness astronomers estimated its diameter for 40-80 m across. … Read more

TMG0023: fastmover from NEOCP

Asteroid TMG0023 was discovered in Tokyo yesterday at 19:58:18 UTC having 16.8 mag. Then it was observed by few observatories in Japan, East and Central Europe during next 6 hours. The last European observations were made in Lusowko Platanus Observatory. Fast movers require short exposures, so 810 images with 1 sec exp were collected and … Read more